Meet The Doctor

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Dr. Abhimanyu Sharma

Dr. Sharma practices holistic dentistry utilizing the most advanced technology. He is a compassionate listener, an expert in managing dental-phobic patients, and clearly explains the treatment and procedures to be used. Dr. Sharma’s expertise and knowledge of how the teeth and entire body work as one complex system, gives him a deep understanding of the impact that modern diet and systemic disorders have, and works to improve the patient’s overall health.

After graduating from dental school, he received advanced training at the UCLA School of Dentistry in 2014, and shortly afterwards, finished a two-year residency and Master’s Degree in Orofacial Pain and TMJ Disorders in 2016. His performance shows accuracy and effectiveness particularly in management of TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, headache and facial pain.

Dr. Sharma’s passion is to use his extensive knowledge of dentistry to connect with each patient and to make each person feel at ease while being treated. Dr. Sharma likes spending his spare time with loved ones and staying up to date in the dental profession by continuing his education. He looks forward to making the Tri-Cities his home.

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